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  ALLIANCERAID & AAPF bots commands - Quick guide
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    PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2016 5:16 pm 
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ALLIANCERAID & AAPF bots crucial commands - Quick guide

NOTE: If you are not set as raidleader in the bot, you need to do !leader before being able to use some commands!

Feel free to join allianceraid when it is empty and practice so you can get familiar with the commands.

Any member of a alliance org can join allianceraid on their own ( /tell allianceraid !join ), others have to be manually invited ( /tell allianceraid !invite name ) < can also be used from inside the bot

### General ###
    !b Shows the raid that you just used bio-regrowth on the tank, allows others to
    !ban Please NEVER use this! this command is used to ban someone from the bot.
    !bior Shows who in the bot should have bio-regrowth and sets the order for them to use it in
    !c this one is only for apf, it shows that you have been cocooned
    !caller used to add someone as target caller: !caller add name, or use !caller clear to clear all assigned callers
    !callers lists callers and shows the macros for them
    !cd counts down from 5
    !check used to check if the people that are online in the bot are actually present there at the raid, not somewhere else
    !clear used to clear the loot list
    !cmd used to issue a raid command, for example Raid command from Navian :: Please pay attention!
    !g shows that you used guardian (soldier perk) on the tank, also shows when guardian ends and when it is ready for you again
    !invite used to invite people to the bot.. !invite name
    !kick used to kick people from the bot.. !kick name
    !kickall kicks everyone from the bot (you too!)
    !leader using this commands sets you as raidleader, you also use this to clear raidleader when the raid is over
    !leave used to leave the bot
    !list shows what items are being rolled and who have added where
    !lock locks the raidbot, only raidleader can invite to the bot
    !unlock unlocks the raidbot
    !loot used when manually adding loot, for example: !loot my chocolate cookies
    (It is also possible to post (drag and drop into line) after the command "!loot" an item or a reference created on the item so raiders can actually click on the item link to see what it is exactly.
    !prem (Player REMove):
      To remove a player from a roll if he doesn't remove himself and shouldn't be in the roll:
      The RL can remove any player from a roll with a simple command.
      The syntax is
      !prem item-number-in-roll Name-of-the-player
      Like !prem 3 Chrisax
      This will remove Chrisax from the roll on item 3 (we specify the number to avoid error if the person changed its choice before the RL issues the command.)
      (The first letter will be capitalized automatically by the bot if it's typed in lower case.)

      The effect is that the player is immediately removed from the roll, with a confirmation message displayed in chat.
      "name-of-the-player removed from rolls in slot #"

      This allows an immediate action to easily fix a roll issue. Talking with the removed player, if necessary, is of course essential, shortly first, and in a more complete manner later.

      No need to say that asking the player to remove himself should normally be the first step, unless we are in an emergency, for example if we were on a countdown or surrounded by unmanageable mobs.

      As all forms of (almost) absolute power, it must be used with moderation and thoughtfully but I'm not worried about this with our officers. :)
    !rem # Removes yourself from roll on item #
    !reroll used to roll again loot that wasn't won in previous loot roll
    !result used to roll the items on loot list
    !s shouts in bot Navian shouts :: pay attention to the raidleader
    !sm shows the people in the bot, how many of what level ranges and such
    !teamadmin this is rarely used since the raid interface was added, if used, it is for manually setting the teams. this is sometimes used for example when running inferno key raid and setting the raiding team.
    !topic used to set the topic in the bot, for example:
      !topic APF - sector 28
        Allianceraid: topic has been set to APF - sector 28 by Chrisax
      !topic clear
        Allianceraid: Topic has been cleared by Reapermann.

    some common raid instances and the commands for them:
      !jack Jack 'Legchopper' Menendez
      !db Dustbrigade instances (only db1 and db2 so far)
      !dreadloch loot from the Dreadloch bosses
      !alappa loot from Alappa instance in Penumbra
      !albtraum loot from Albtraum instance in Inferno
      !apf lists the alien sectors
        MISSING Sector 7 level range 151-200
        !13 Sector 13 level range 180-220
        !28 Sector 28 level range 180-220
        !35 Sector 35 level range 180-220
        !42 Sector 42 level range 180-220... ideal range is more like 205-220

    Some raids in details

    ### Alien Playfields ###
    To list items for the roll (make sure to use the correct command - even if obvious):
      Sector 13 | +
      Slot #1: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Gelatinous Lump (3x)

      Slot #2: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Biotech Matrix (3x)

      Slot #3: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Action Probability Estimator (1x)

      Slot #4: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Dynamic Gas Redistribution Valves (1x)

      Slot #5: (Add/Remove)
      Item: All Bounties (1x)

      Slot #6: (Add/Remove)
      Item: All ICE (1x)

      Slot #7: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Kyr'Ozch Helmet (2500 Token board) (1x)

      Sector 28 | +
      Slot #1: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Crystaline Matrix (3x)

      Slot #2: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Kyr'Ozch Circuitry (3x)

      Slot #3: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Inertial Adjustment Processing Unit (1x)

      Slot #4: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Notum Amplification Coil (1x)

      Slot #5: (Add/Remove)
      Item: All Bounties (1x)

      Slot #6: (Add/Remove)
      Item: All ICE (1x)

      Slot #7: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Kyr'Ozch Helmet (2500 Token board) (1x)

      Sector 35 | +
      Slot #1: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Alpha Program Chip (3x)

      Slot #2: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Beta Program Chip (3x)

      Slot #3: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Odd Kyr'Ozch Nanobots (3x)

      Slot #4: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Kyr'Ozch Processing Unit (3x)

      Slot #5: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Energy Redistribution Unit (1x)

      Slot #6: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Visible Light Remodulation Device (1x)

      Slot #7: (Add/Remove)
      Item: All Bounties (1x)

      Slot #8: (Add/Remove)
      Item: All ICE (1x)

      Slot #9: (Add/Remove)
      Item: Kyr'Ozch Helmet (2500 Token board) (1x)

    And since chances are high you will use the wrong command once.. or twice.. this will safe you: !clear

    To see what is being rolled and who have added to it: !list

    To roll the loot: !result
    then there is !reroll
    NOTE: When doing a reroll it is seen by most as fair that winners of a previous roll do not roll again.

    ### Legacy of Xan ###
      !lox Lets you pick wich area to roll loot from
      LOX loot | +
      ::::: Legacy Of the XAN Loot :::::

      Sector Loot

      12 Man
      Alien Threat

      And from that list you click items to add to roll

    ### Pandemonium ###
      Pandemonium Loot | +
      ::::: Pandemonium Loot :::::

      The Beast

      Beast Armor
      Beast Weapons
      Beast Stars

      The Night Heart
      The Night Heart

      West Zodiacs
      Aries Items
      Leo Items
      Virgo Items

      East Zodiacs
      Aquarius Items
      Cancer Items
      Gemini Items

      Middle Zodiacs
      Libra Items
      Pisces Items
      Taurus Items

      North Zodiacs
      Capricorn Items
      Sagittarius Items
      Scorpio Items

      Shadowbreed items

      !tnh for The Night Heart
      !beast for beast loot
      Beast Node Loot | +
      Beast loots :

      Sigil of Bahomet
      Helmet of Hypocrisy
      Burden of Competence
      Shoulderplates of Sabotage
      Cuirass of Obstiancy
      Sleeves of Senseless Violence
      Gauntlets of Deformation
      Armplates of Elimination
      Greaves of Malfeasance
      Boots of Concourse
      Lord/Lady of Abandonment
      Lord/Lady of Anger
      Lord/Lady of Angst
      Lord/Lady of Chaos
      Lord/Lady of Deceit
      Lord/Lady of Envy
      Lord of Gluttony
      Lord/Lady of Greed
      Lord/Lady of Hatred
      Lord/Lady of Lust
      Lord/Lady of Pride
      Lord/Lady of Sloth
      Sunrise Hilt
      Sunset Hilt
      Star of Ardency (NT)
      Star of Enterprice (Fixer)
      Star of Enticement (Shade)
      Star of Equanimity (MA)
      Star of Faith (Keeper)
      Star of Fidelity (Sol)
      Star of Fortitude (Enf)
      Star of Freedom (Adv)
      Star of Inguenity (Eng)
      Star of Interchance (Trad)
      Star of Management (Crat)
      Star of Moral (MP)
      Star of Recovery (Doc)
      Star of Stealth (Agent)
      The Lighter Side (Clan SB)
      The Darker Side (Omni SB)
      The Unknown Path (Neut SB)

    ### Hollow Island ###
      !rhi click through and add to loot list

    ### Biodome ###
      !biodome click through and add to list
      Biodome loot | +
      ::::: Biodome Loot :::::

      Sector Loot

      Biodome Items

(Thanks to Heffalomp and Chrisax)



  Re: ALLIANCERAID & AAPF bots commands - Quick guide
    PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:44 pm 
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Please add this command if possible : viewtopic.php?f=53&t=10496

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  Re: ALLIANCERAID & AAPF bots commands - Quick guide
    PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:42 pm 
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Good point, Bit :)

Added it with all the explanations required, and also added the command !rem.



  Re: ALLIANCERAID & AAPF bots commands - Quick guide
    PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:20 pm 
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[Remind : this command implies that people first join a central bot to organise (eg : allianceraid) but don't go /lft yet, as being in bot is enough to start !]

New !riadmin command added. It displays a panel with all tools to create, modify & export RI(s) to peripheral bots ; this panel contains :
1- a link to refresh frequently (every few changes and/or channel join/leave)
2- a link to show RI(s) sum-up on channel so all check & ask (possible) change
3- a link to reset RI(s) ; carefull this can't be undone, you'll start from scratch
4- a link to remind how to export an RI to another bot (eg : !risend 2 aapf)

Below these links you have all players added to an RI or free to be. You'll have to start by creating 1 or several RI(s) - in front of the player you'd want as leader for this RI.

From there, after refreshing, you'll be able to add/swap/remove anyone available to/from any RI. In the case of S42 you also can attribute each RI to a specific sector with buttons (N/W/E). Don't forget to refresh every few changes.

Once RI(s) is/are final set, you can export one of your choice to another bot configured to accept importation (see command upper) ; it'll kick all people (except leader) of this RI from current bot and then ask other bot to invite them all.

[After this, people will have to go /lft with correct side or RL name (to avoid confusion) so their RL can start inviting them in team/raid.]

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