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  30th of july to 5th of august
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    PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:22 am 

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AP raids 30th of july to 5th of august

Click on the GMT time to see the time in various time zones
18:30GMT = 2:30PM EST
19:30GMT = 3:30PM EST
20:30GMT = 4:30PM EST

Monday 30:
- 19:30GMT No raid scheduled - Time-frame to make a BIODOME KEYS farming team for raids (form your team)

Tuesday 31:
- 19:30GMT APF 13 28 35

Wednesday 1:
- 19:30GMT 12MAN

Thursday 2:

Friday 3:
-19:30 GMT - DB quest Signup here*
+ 20:30GMT Time-frame for DB instances 1&2 TEAMS (form your teams)

Be on time and have mission upto kill Atlas part

Saturday 4:
- 19:30GMT Crazy Raids Day (iPande + Biodome + 2APFs)

Sunday 5:
- 18:00GMT Sector 42 Please be there on time
+ 20:30GMT PoH (Teams forming opportunity: Form your teams!)

* so we only have one thread to manage, thanks

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____



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