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  INFERNO KEY QUEST - How to get it - How to get the PBs
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    PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2022 3:33 pm 
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This is an update of the original post created by Hexy in... 2008!

We always needs patterns and novictum. We need your contribution!

The Novictum must be QL 220+ for the first 7 bosses and QL 255 and above for last two bosses.

So it's 7x220+ and 2x255+ per run.

TO GET THE KEY QUEST EASILY and it lasts over 300 days
The EASY way to get the Inferno Garden Key Quest:

Go to the Redeemed temple in Penumbra (Closest exit: Purity if you have Penumbra Sanctuary key, or Yuttos if you have only the Garden key.)

Take the spiral stairs in the second room, up to the upper floor. In one of the three room, there is Sipius Gal Wei-Zean, on the left wing when you enter the room. (Careful: one room, the one surrounded with "darkness" is the spirits area to the catacombs!)

Talk to Sipius Gal Wei-Zean:

Sipius Gal Wei-Zean: Welcome X.
X: Are you in need of my assistance?
Sipius Gal Wei-Zean: Hmm, I might be. It depends on your inner self.
A true divine creature with a strong spirit is what I need.
Do you consider yourself such a being?

X: Yes, I believe I am
Sipius Gal Wei-Zean: Very well, that remains to be seen.
I have a test for you X.
This is your chance to show acceptance to the way of the Redeemed, to humble yourself and repeatedly slay the defilers of this land.

You will get a quest to kill (first) the Indomitable Chimera.

You can also get the quest in Redeemed Inferno Temple (secret and safe path from Inferno Frontier statue: ask us to guide you ! )

This is where you can locate the patterns for Clan Inf Garden quest:

1) 'The Indomitable Chimera', Chimera, 220?
* 1380 x 550 - Chimera Monitor, Chimera Driver (burning shadow), 215
* 1430 x 620 - Chimera Trainer, Chimera Driver, (burning shadow), 215/210
... MAYBE random drop from normal mobs here
(Burning Marshes)

2) 'Ahpta', Dragon, 220?
* 1965 x 2450 - Atarkirh, Dragon, lvl 215
* 2150 x 2650 - Salahpt, Dragon, lvl 215
... NOTE: this is the only pattern that is used for both Clan and Omni
(bottom of mountain with the road to Razor's Lair)

3) 'Relief Teals', Vortexoid, 220?
* 3240 x 1700 - Pyiininnik's Shadow, Wicked Shadow, lvl 215
! 3330 x 1690 - Pyiininnik, Mortiig, lvl 250 (VERY hard to pull)
... CONFIRMED random drop from Wicked Shadows around Pyii's Shadow
(South of the road to Xark's lair)

4) 'Taille Frees', Vortexoid, 220?
* 2420 x 3230 - Aniitap's Shadow, Wicked Shadow, lvl 220
! 2450 x 3360 - Aniitap, Mortiig, 250
(west of the Redeemed Temple, with alot of L230-240 Mortiigs)

5) 'Lya', dragon, 220?
* 2570 x 2935 - Afreet Ellis, Vortexoid, 230
* 2630 x 2920 - Maychwyawi, Dragon, 220
! 2570 x 2935 - Medusa Philanderer, Scourge, 250
* 2740 x 2935 - Steele Filar, Vortexoid, 230
(Northern Inferno Frontier except Maychwaham near road to Razor)

6) 'Fester Leila', vortexoid, 220?
* 3500 x 2000 - Beast, Dryad, lvl 215
* 3600 x 1900 - Distracted Snake Tamer, Dryad, 215
* 3600 x 2100 - Estella Fire, Vortexoid, lvl 215
(North of the road to Xark's Lair)

7) 'Pazuzu', Dragon, 220?
* 3120 x 2970 - Limnos, Heckler, 250
* 3210 x 2975 - Syros, Horror, 250
* 3130 x 3000 - Crete, Heckler, 250
(L255 Incarnator)

8) 'Nyame', Dragon, 250?
? 1920 x 1760, Anansi Left Hand, Unredeemed, 250
! 1910 x 1600, Anansi Right Hand, Unredeemed, 250
? 1850 x 1765, Nyame's Drudge, Molokh, 250
... CONFIRMED random drop from Anansi Cosset around Anansi's Right Hand
(East of Sorrow)

9) 'Arch Bigot Aliel', Scourge, 250?
! 750 x 1190 - Bigot Nzaemihiel, Scourge, 250
! 700 x 1140 - Bigot Inmodeah, Scourge, lvl 250
* 645 x 1300 - Devoted Spirit Hunter, Soul Dredge, 215
* 700 x 1100 - Pursued Spirit, Spirit, 215
(SW of Sorrow past the Petrified Hecklers)

Aphta, Lya, Pazuzu, Nyame are dragons. Relief Teals, Taille Frees, Fester Leia are vortexoids. Bigot Aliel is a giant scourge and the Chimera is... the AO version of a chimera.



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