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  How to spawn TCHU for Inferno Boots and HHAB
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Tchu is the boss you need to kill to free Nohor, the nanoshaman who will craft your Inferno Boots and Hold Hell at Bay ring ("HHAB") for Pandemonium protection.

Quick reminder of the preceding steps before spawning Tchu:
    To get the boots and/or HHAB build, a person needs to have the quest items to give to Nohor. For boots: Clot of Imp blood, Amulet of Algid Ember, Superior Quality Molock Muktuk. For HHAB: Razor's Fang, Xark's Whisker.

    To spawn Tchu 4 Hellion Mirrors are necessary. They painfully drop from Plague Demons, Spirits (NOT le long-life-bar-ones, the standard ones) and Spirit Hunters (usually best drop rate) outside the cave of Ergo in Scheol. It's a good idea to get more mirrors if there is an issue with items trading at some point.

    ONLY ONE person needs to have the mirrors, not all the raiders.

Warning: one person, preferably the one with the Mirrors, MUST HAVE the Scribbles from the Adonis Yuttos Milliner to be able to spawn Tchu.

The spawning:

You need to kill a first demon that will spawn 4 demons around the Northern zone of EFP (the desert zone).

You'll proceed with each demon as described further.

The gathering point for the raid is on the hill, in front of the stone circle where Tchu and his minions will spawn later:
Pos: 560 3750, 25.6, Area: Mmanes Fouls Plains in EFP (Medusa area, NW of EFP)

1) First mob to kill to start: EFP - Hellion Fanatic around 1544 X 3850 - The desert zone at the top of EFP on the map
He will spawn 4 Imps around the crater.

2) For each Imp spawned:
- kill the Imp: many adds spawn + Orchid Philanderer
- Kill or mez adds, kill Orchid last
- Orchid spawns a "pain" mob: Fussie, Fecits, Filio, Fructum
- do NOT attack the Pain mob; trade one Hellion mirror to him and he will return a "Focus of pain" item; no need for any talk
- Only click "Give item" and give him the mirror. Don't chat.

The Imps are at:
    2350 X 3800 for Fussie
    1890 X 4040 for Fructum
    1300 X 3560 for Fecits
    770 X 3500 for Filio
They are on the RK map map we recommend on AP forums

3) Once you have all the Focus of Pains items, go back to the Medusa Camp and to start the spawning of Tchu.

There are 4 Withered Old Witches up around an altar.

Each witch wants a specific Focus of Pain. This is where they are around the circle:

    Fecits            Fructum
      Circle of stone
    Filio Fussie

    Gathering hill

If you are lost, just try and trade. The witch will return the Focus if it's not the good one she wants and you'll retry with another.

Once you have traded the right Focus item, the corresponding witch turns into a Medusa-like NPC, the Malah, each with the name of the Pain item she accepted.

Then talk to Malah Filio
She'll ask for a note (the Scribbles) from the Adonis Milliner.

Then she will give you a talisman which you must give to the other witches to enhance it. Follow the order indicated. (If you make a mistake, you'll get the talisman back and nothing will happen so you can retry.)

4) When you're done enhancing the talisman, give it
back to Malah Filio but Tchu becomes aware of your operations and spawn in the center of the Malahs. RUN away !

5) Many Imp mobs will spawn around Tchu, so stay back.
These adds despawn after 30 minutes and leave Tchu alone.
So you can kill them or wait 30 minutes to kill Tchu without them, and gather more people during this time.

Tchu AoE-nukes in front of him, so the best is to only have a tank in front of him, and everyone, including healers, behind Tchu.

Tchu used to be a dreadful boss. Now, with the equipment and perks of today, it's an easy kill for a group.

6) Once Tchu is dead, Nhohor spawns for 30 mins. Everyone can trade the items to make Inferno Boots or HHAB.



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