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  Engi PVP
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    PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 6:07 am 
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I have had some insane fun on my 220 engi lately in BS

I don't usually do 220 BS because I just don't find it all the interesting, but for whatever reason it was running last weekend and managed to get several rounds in.

I know that's a small sample, but there was a little bit of everything in there and I had a blast.

I was getting oodles of kills and a couple of rounds I went without dying which I thought was a bit weird, but that's how it went.

The setup I was using was this:

In game I had 10 AI perks parked in useless stuff so I didn't have tacky hack or sphere, but it performed totally fine without them.

anytime I had healer cloak ready to pop I'd use it until I got in a jam then popped it, after the fight I'd swap out of cloak into gauntlet bastion backpiece for all around stat boost.

At any time I was sitting between about 18k-21k HP.

I chose a slightly nanoskill boosted setup because I actually spent a lot of time keeping my pets fully buffed. Sometimes I'll swap my nano controller for sniper's friend if an MP is around but usually the nanocontroller is a far better hud 2.

There was a well set up 220 keeper who knew how to fight, and I could kill him with the scope when I had coon/BR up, but I couldn't perk him. So if my coon+BR was down and I saw him I'd start a swap to the purple hud then chase him down to get a fight out of him. This worked pretty well, but overall you really want to keep the AS scope in full time - on average I was hitting 3.2k ish AS's every 11s which was more than enough to put serious hurt on most profs.

I used NSD liberally, on EVERY target, which caused some serious QQ after each round (wtf?) and as well, I spammed the crap out of my pets with improved pet attention since there were several fixers in the BS and after a while I became the preferred target - even though I was making sure my dog/chicken were getting fed.

I collected about 55-60 solo kills and maybe 20 team kills and died probably 8-10 times.

Overall: Omni got stomped but they kept coming back so kudo's for that.

Tonight I'm going to perk into Alpha genome 10 and also I got myself a pred buff (as well as awakening) so for peak AR I'll have a good 275AAO extra now to beef up my burst/fling/normal/perk AR.

I got a lot of /vicinity spam in BS and more than my fair share of QQ's... great fun!

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