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  Re: Kiteboy 150NT - Setup and TODO
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    PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:26 am 
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senare wrote:

And about the 'eye of the predator' .. i am working my way there got ado garden done working on sanct and ergo quest ... then pen and inf for pads rings and ill add predator to list

Eye of predator is a 5hr raidbuff giving 75 AAO and 75 AAD.

You get it by asking the old man for a quest in alappa, and after killing 6 mobs you get the buff.

To reliably be able to get eye of the predator, you need:

1. ado progression quest finished
2. penumbra key

You can do it the cheeky way (not recommended), but simply saving permanently in pen garden, and not getting the pen key.

While in pen, I usually do the pen nano quest (no idea what it is for NT... sorry, but afaik, the only prof it's not useful on is trader, because the nano is locked to level 185 or 190 or something silly).

I didn't really look at your NCU.

Just an FYI, I know that 170 NT's used to go NR1, but I can't speak to the reliability of that setup at 150, since it directly nerfs your attack AR, and honestly I'd say that evasion/dodge is as important if not more important than NR.

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  Re: Kiteboy 150NT - Setup and TODO
    PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:30 pm 
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About NR i get 400ish from gear add in IzMockery and IP and my feeling is that i resist most things good enough (based on a gut feeling after BS & s10) but are there any good number to aim for ? I remeber you doing some calc for that some were .. maybe i can figure it out else i.e what AR for trader drains to land and/or doc to UBT and what would a 'avarge' twink have kind-of ?

I do think it would be doable to go NR1 but would need to include more nano-skill gear than what i have now i think i might be tad low on the nano-skills as i cut it out for more ADD ... over all not sure it be a 'net gain' ...

Oki comparing SYMBS to IMPS , both setups assume 264 scouts since thats a no brainer ... just costly i guess ... and ql250 since that was suggested i have no idea how hard that be to get into ?


Defense modifier 358
Duck explosives 380
Dodge ranged 592
Evade close 395
Nano cost modifier -21
Nano delta 117
Heal delta 49


Defense modifier 418
Duck explosives 341
Dodge ranged 608
Evade close 422
Nano cost modifier -19
Nano delta 66
Heal delta 0

Idk if Healdelta even matters but i oh so would which for some healing :)



  Re: Kiteboy 150NT - Setup and TODO
    PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 11:29 am 
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I have been looking at perk set up for 150 doing mainly PVP with some S10.

so far i have
Ancient Matrix (ai) 8
Chanelling of notum 2
essence of notum 2

Nano doctorate 2
Starfall 3
Notum source 4

Enhanced dna 2
Notum Repulsor 1
Nano primary genome 5
Nano secondary genome 3

So think i am looking ok for a general set up, problem is there are some pointless perks there too.

So should i go for Theoretical Research at least till i get quark - although i already have a root nano

I have not gone fully into CONC or ND simply beacuse i dont need them to cast the bet nanos

any thoughts would be appreciated :)



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