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  109 MP DD war build
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    PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:25 am 
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Defensive limitations are significant, and quite simply this toon is not built to PVP.

That's not to say that you couldn't PVP with it, but lets just say that it has it's role, and it's role is damage dealer.

This build is one of three DPS in my 109 box, which has enough firepower to take down a TL4 CT 100-120ish in about 90 seconds.

A few notes.

1. I built cloak of reanimated summoner instead of illusionist - there's a few differences, I probably would have rather built illusionist.
2. You can use combined scouts instead of combined officers, but the reason I use officers is I want a LARGE nanopool, and I want capped cost

This toon will have zero problems casting top demon, casting top RK buffs and using MIGL (scheol quest) at 942 MC ... ial-lance/
Damage for 1533 to 2725, mitigated by Cold AC.
I have 11% nano damage modifier so that damage range changes to:
Add cold damage: +61
which averages to: 2424 dmg/2s

You do want maxed MC/PM for nuke AR but this setup offers pretty substantial nano skills, and at max/buffed, you're at about 1050.

All in? this toon can crank about 120k DPM (that's about as much as my 200 agent/enforcer in inferno with endgame weapons). you look at the CDR and it looks gimpy, but it actually isn't bad. You could use a JAME instead, which by all means is also a reasonable choice, but I get about 50% higher AR (easily OSB'd by EP) on the pistol which reduces damage quite substantially (note that JAME is well under the 1k damage threshold which means it ramps down very quickly with decreasing AR. Plus the CDR has a faster fling and burst ANd it has a proc, AND it is affected by a more easily buffed damage type.

The top demon cranks damage at around 1k+/hit, the MIGL does about 2.2-2.8k damage/2s when mind howl is running, and the CDR damage adds on top and procs from gun+mind wail proc on top of that. The beauty of it is that the demon actually generates a fair bit of aggro so you won't be constantly trying to defend yourself (also, MIGL does eat nanopool so you kinda have to take breaks in nuking if your nanopool is small, or cost isn't maxed, or you don't have PNH or some combination thereof).

Add a keeper to the mix to boost add dmg by up to about 150 points (procs, buffs) and this toon is getting up to the 140k DPM range. That's as much as some 220's who don't know how to play very well.

I have three of these in my 109 box and the damage is pretty insane.

My finished 109 box with keeper with Excalibur, 109 engi, 2 109 MPS, 1 110 MP and a 109 crat I calculated to do about 750k DPM, which by my estimations would drop a 100 CT in about 40 seconds.

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