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  AO Winter Event 2018 and free login week, Dec. 11-18
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    PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 5:27 pm 
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Free Login Week

The most wonderful time of the year begins 11th of December! You’re invited to special events, offers, and free gifts!
Plus, any account in good standing* can log in for free starting today until the 18th!

*Account cannot be suspended, deleted, or banned

Winter’s Back!

Happy holidays to all! Anarchy Online’s winter festivities begin December 11th through January 7th. Join the festivities, collect your free gifts, and take advantage of new membership offers!


Special Offer

A new membership offer is available through January 3rd, featuring a brand-new gear set: the Kryoguard N-1N Armor!
    Purchase a 3 month subscription to receive the Legwear, Gloves, and Boots, along with one Combat Nano Can: Premium Experience Boost.
    Purchase a 6 month subscription to receive the Legwear, Shirt, Sleeves, Gloves, and Boots, along with two Combat Nano Can: Premium Experience Boost.
    Purchase a 12 month subscription to receive a Vacuum-Packed Kryoguard N-1N Armor pack which includes all eight pieces of the set plus four Combat Nano Can: Premium Experience Boost!

Free Gifts & Item Shop Additions

All active members receive a free “Nophex 3D Printer: Holiday Edition!” in addition to a free Wrapped Present and Santa Bag - find them in your Claims!

Returning this year are the “Nophex 3D Printer: Holiday Edition” and the “Nophex 3D Printer: Deluxe Holiday Edition.” The normal 3D Printer device will create a single item sure to bring some holiday cheer, while the Deluxe 3D Printer will give an item to all nearby team members!

The results of these items can be traded until they are right-clicked.


Father Time Reloaded

Father Time is back and meaner than ever! He’s still searching for something - band together and defeat him before he causes too much ruckus! Father Time is now more formidable and drops brand-new seasonal loot, so get on it before time runs out!



Santaleet returns to major cities on Rubi-Ka with seasonal missions to tackle! This year, Santaleet has a NEW task for you. Speak with your local Santaleet and ask them if they need help with something…and to the Broken Shores you’ll go!
Gift-Wrapped Leet

The Gift-Wrapped Leet’s own greed has lead him once again to trouble! He’s stolen Santaleet’s shinies again, and needs you to clean up this mess so that he can celebrate the “Wintar holidals” like all the other leets!


The adorably delicious Gingerleet returned to Rubi-Ka and is hiding from all the hungry people who would like to eat her. Drop by Stret West Bank if you would like to ask her for a snowball lantern or perhaps a gingerbread yutto tent. With a little assurance that you won’t eat her, you might become her friend.



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