Application: Celira

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Application: Celira

Post by celira »

Hey! I'm a returning player (I mainly played from 2003-2005, and I haven't touched the game since 2006). I've been playing again for the past two weeks, splitting my time between fixing up my doctor and re-learning the game through new alts. I'd like to join your org partly for social reasons, and partly because I want to find people to group/raid/play with.

I don't know anyone in your org, but I got a good impression reading through some of your posts, so I figured I'd apply.

I am in GMT+1 (+2 for summertime at the moment), but I often play odd hours. Your scheduled events work very well for me.

I read your CoC and some of your other stickies, and everything there seemed alright to me.

My characters are:

Celira - Doctor 220/19/Almost no research (didn't exist when I played) -- Main
Miwaa - Bureaucrat 99 -- New alt to relearn the game with
Wandawanda - Engineer 60 -- New alt to relearn the game with
Nixina-1 - Fixer 103 -- very old character, not playing at the moment

They are all Clan.

Looking forward to chatting with you ingame, and hopefully escape the orgless void I am in currently.
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Re: Application: Celira

Post by Ustarlen »

Hi Celira

Welcome to the AP forums and thanks for your interest in AP. Great to see more players coming back to the game, some even after years!

Thanks for agreeing our Code of Conduct and Org chat guidelines.

We'll leave out Our Code of Conduct and org chat recommendations here for you to refer to:
The next step is to join our guest channel on our org bot so we can meet/team online. Any AP member can invite you to guest chat. It does not have to be an officer.
You can usually find AP members at the big Vanguards building ramp near OA grid terminal.
If you can’t find a member you can self invite by typing /tell Bobsan !join
This is a temporary invite, so you'll have to do it each time you want to be on guest chat.

Once on guest chat, feel free to ask for an officer and introduce yourself, and also ask for help with any questions you may have about your application.

At some point soon, after you've spent some time with us, an officer will contact you for a brief interview. As our officers can be busy with raids and other duties, it may take a moment to contact you. Always feel free to tell an officer that you are there.

Some of the officers you can contact for help with questions or concerns are:

Cheribomber / Cherib / Jacythna / Officegrrl GMT +12
Chrisax (President and org Founder) GMT
Talmahera / Tefnet / Dunnan / Gallya GMT +2
Codebits / Codecrasher / Coderox / Codeish / Codemanforce / Shacode GMT+1
Khimaru / Karmony / Khimmortal GMT+2 and around
Crataatak / Eezeh / Zanokia GMT+1
Bonniedoom / Betadoom / Amagosa / Whapperz GMT -5

GMT / UTC can be seen in-game with the F9 key.

We look forward to seeing you online :)
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Re: Application: Celira

Post by Chrisax »

Hi Celira and welcome back in AO! :)

Ustarlen told you everything so let's now meet in-game. And be sure you'll quickly know people in AP! :)
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Re: Application: Celira

Post by Chrisax »

Celira has been in raids with us today and did OK for someone coming back after such a long time. :)

Good for invite after a quick chat. Sorry I had to log off :(
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