Drizzert Application

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Drizzert Application

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My name is Drizzert( 35), I'm a 220 crat who have been playing AO on and off since Shadowlands.
I've recently returned (yesterday) after a long break after I left some time when Xan came out.

I have focused mostly on twinking lower level toons and have spent a lot of time farming APF and PvPing.
I have experience with all profs except for trader, but am now focusing on getting active in the endgame scene with my crat.

I'm mostly online from 09:00 to 02:00 UTC+2. I don't have a fixed sleeping schedule, and I spend a lot of time playing, so you will most likely find me online pretty much always.

I left my org The Glowing Nightflies hoping that I will get an invite from you guys.

If I can join you can expect me to be an active participant in raids and groups, leveling alts and PvPing.

Thank you!
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Re: Drizzert Application

Post by Chrisax »

Application on hold. Officers check the applicant file.
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