Application: Stoepsel - Saugnapf

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Application: Stoepsel - Saugnapf

Post by Stoepsel »

Hi everyone!

My name is and I would like to join Athen Paladins. Since I am more of a laid back gamer who enjoys the company and time spend together but also enjoys to solo: After reading your CoC, I thought AP seems to fit to me (or I fit to AP). I am also considering myself to be helpful to others, but to be honest: when it comes to AO my help will mostly be more related to ingame support (i.e. teaming, helping with mobs, etc.) than with knowledge about game-related stuff (most of my game knowledge nowadays comes from

I played AO for the first time before Shadowlands was released, when people where still running missions to hit lvl 200 and Tir was the place to team up as a Clanner. I quit shortly after AI release, without experiencing any of the new endgame content back then. None of my first chars still exist. My first return to AO was in 2018. I joined the German Org "Zweiundvierzig" ("42") and leveled a crat to 220/30 as well as a Shade to 211/20. I did some of the raids, mostly Pande, Dust Brigade and the AI raids. Due to my private situation I had no time eventually to continue with AO back then, so I had to quit again just to return this summer. What can I say, I guess one's love for AO never really dies :). When I logged back in, I noticed my old org kind of died, and I had been playing mostly solo since my last return.

My Characters are all on Clan side and are as follows:

- Funkymama | Crat | 220/30
- Stoepsel | Shade | 213/21
- Saugnapf | Trader | 212/21 (<- the character I am currently playing the most)
- Nookd | NT | 200/20
- Rheyza | Agent | 202/20
- Arlory | Adventurer | 180/21
- Some others, not really played often and mostly low level

I am mostly online during the evening hours (UTC/GMT +1) on weekdays, sometimes also in the morning hours (then mostly afk, as I work from home a couple of days per week). On weekends, I usually tend to be online at least for a couple of hours (more during winter time, less during summer) but will always be there when an org event takes place and people are required to help and support.

I am based in Germany so German is my native language, but I speak English as well.

Would love to hear from you guys and please let me know if you have any questions!
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Re: Application: Stoepsel - Saugnapf

Post by Chrisax »

Hi Stoepsel :) Welcome to AP forums!

It's nice to see a pre-SL old-timer, and, as you, I remember well the crowd at Tir South gate, with people shouting "LFT". :) Memories...

Now I have good news for you. Zweiundvierzig belongs to our Alliance of orgs (you even probably joined some of our raids in the past), and, so, you can be invited immediately to AP with very formalities. :)

Thanks for agreeing on our Code of Conduct and Org chat guidelines. Indeed, it looks like you'll be a good fit in AP.

The next step is to join our guest channel on our org bot so we can meet online. Any AP member can invite you to guest chat. It does not have to be an officer.
You can usually find AP members at the big Vanguards building ramp near OA grid terminal.
If you can’t find a member you can self invite by typing /tell Bobsan !join
This is a temporary invite, so you'll have to do it each time you want to be on guest chat.

Once on guest chat, feel free to ask for an officer and introduce yourself, and also ask for help with any questions you may have about your application. Specify that Chrisax said you would be on a "fast track" invite as you belonged to an Alliance org.

At some point soon, an officer will contact you for a brief chat. As our officers can be busy with raids and other duties, it may take a moment to contact you. Always feel free to tell an officer that you are there.

Some of the officers you can contact for help with questions or concerns are:

Scykeep / Scylence / Doctorscy / Fullautoscy / Scystab / Scyeng GMT+2
Hundjager / Twistedsistr / Hollowhusk / Ironstashe / Vaulthunter / Drzoidberg (UTC/GMT +3)
Nanomace GMT
Ustarlen / Ustar / Zanda / Bellorum GMT +12
Cheribomber / Cherib / Jacythna / Officegrrl GMT +12
Chrisax (President and org Founder) GMT
Noky / Lilhoneybee GMT -7
Codebits / Codecrasher / Coderox / Codeish / Codemanforce / Shacode GMT+1
Talmahera / Tefnet / Dunnan / Gallya GMT +2
Crataatak / Eezeh / Zanokia GMT+1
Bonniedoom / Betadoom / Amagosa / Whapperz GMT -5

GMT / UTC can be seen in-game with the F9 key.

See you online soon! :)
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Re: Application: Stoepsel - Saugnapf

Post by Scykeep »

Gutten tag und willcomen! :mrgreen:
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