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  Buffing/Twinking bag (abilities+treatment) what do i need?
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    PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:17 pm 
Mini Leet
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I reccomend you keep these items on a seperate mule so you can access it from all your toons

omni-med suit
advanced scent sensor (sen)
De-Hacked Frederickson Micro-kinetic Sleeves x2 (str/sta)
Ring of Divine Teardrop (SEN/agi)
Ring of Computing (int/psy)
Docaholic ring (treatment) +10 and +12 can drop from medusas in eastern foul plains
Experimental Cyborg Token Board (treatment) tl6 [nodrop keep on every played toon]
Prototype Cyborg Token Board (treatment) tl4 (bronto burger quest reward) [nodrop keep on every played toon]

Anything (mercs) +2 base abilities
Virral Triumvirate Egg (int/psy +15) x2 [tradeskilled]
Alien Augmentation Device - Medical (15 treatment)
Alien Augmentation Device - Technical Knowledge (15 cl)
Supporting Carbonan Holster (+strenght) (opi only)

Merlin armor (psy/int) mp/nt/doc/trad/engi
- Vest of Torpid Sunrays (+25 stamina)
- Armplates of Meteorite Assembly (+15 agility) x2
- Moon Watcher Helmet (+15 sense)
- Shoulderpads of Asteroid Calling (+15 strength) x2

Concrete Cushion (ql 10/ql 160) x2
Nova Dillon Armor (1-4 agi/sen/str/sta/int/psy)
Sekutek Chilled Plasteel Armor (1-5 in/str/agi)
Kirch Kevlar Armor (1-5 agi/sen/psy)

Miy Armor
int/psy based
- Nano Armor Boots (strength)
- Nano Armor Gloves (sense)
- Nano Armor Helmet (int/psy)
- Nano Armor Sleeves (int/psy)
- Nano Armor Legs (agility)
- Nano Armor Body Armor (stamina)
agi/sense based
- Melee Armor Boots (strength)
- Melee Armor Gloves (agility/sense)
- Melee Armor Helmet (int)
- Melee Armor Legs (sens/agi)
- Melee Armor Sleeves (psychic)
- Melee Armor Body Armor (stamina)
sense/int based
- Scary Armor boots (sta/str)
- Scary Armor gloves (sen)
- Scary Armor helmet (int)
- Scary Armor legs (sen/agi)
- Scary Armor sleeves (psy/int)
- Scary Armor body armor (sta)
str/sta based
- Tank Armor boots (str/sta)
- Tank Armor gloves (sen)
- Tank Armor helmet (int)
- Tank Armor legs (agi)
- Tank Armor sleeves (psy)
- Tank Armor body armor (str/sta)
str/agi based
- Ranged Armor boots (str)
- Ranged Armor gloves (sen/agi)
- Ranged Armor helmet (int)
- Ranged Armor legs (agi)
- Ranged Armor sleeves (psy)
- Ranged Armor body armor (str/sta)

Juggler's Treat (mr/mm)
Shuffling Finger (mm)
Extruder Nutrition Bars
Treatment Library
Ring of Presence (various qls)
Ring of Endurance (STA/str) various qls
Ring of Essence (STR/sta) various qls
Eye of the Evening Star (AGI/sen) [nodrop keep on every played toon]
Personalized Basic Robot Brain (+sense) various qls

AI Items
- Bracer of Striking Force (str)
- Bracer of Killing Intent (sen)
- Bracer of Focused Concentration (int)
- endorphin factory (stamina)
- adrenalin factory (str/sta) keeper/enforcer/martial artist

ql 100 O.E.T. Co Jess (int/psy +20) x2
ql 44 Galahad Inc T70 Beyer (+20 CL)
ql 200 O.E.T. Co. Maharanee (+25 int/psy)
Shades of Lucubration (nanomage only) +40 int/psy
G-Staff (agi) various qls
ql 140 MTI VP300 Black s. Caseless (10 agi)
ql 160 MTI VP300 Silver s. Caseless (20 agi)
ql 180 MTI VP300 Red s. Caseless (30 agi)
Galahad Inc. T70 Zig Zag (20 sense)

Freedom Arms 3927 G2 (25 sta/30 str) halloween drop [pumpkinhead missions and loot]
Freedom Arms 3927 Notum (20 str/sta) halloween drop [pumpkinhead missions and loot]
Freedom Arms 3927 Guerrilla (20 sta) halloween drop [pumpkinhead missions and loot]
Freedom Arms 3927 Chapman (25 treatment) halloween drop [pumpkinhead missions and loot]

ql 100 HSR Arms N.M. (25 stam)
200 Basic Biomech Armor Boots (10 treatment)
Basic Biomech Armor Cloak (10 treatment) various qls
Basic Biomech Armor Helmet (10 treatment) various qls
sl garden keys [nodrop keep on every played toon]

Bellum Badonis armor (keep/enf/advy/sold)
- Coat (18 int/psy)
- gloves (18 sense)
- body armor (18 int)

Explosif's Polychromatic Pillows x2 (buffs 2 abilities +10 (changes on right clicking them) sta/str agi/sen int/psy) pricey but worth it [apf tradeskill]

Lya Sangi Patch (agi/sen) halloween drop / pumpkinheads
Desert Nomad Helmet (int/psy) anniversary drop
Desert Nomad Shoulder Pad (agi/sen) anniversary drop

It is quite possible i am forgetting something here.. but at least i would consider this a good start :Þ

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  Re: Buffing/Twinking bag (abilities+treatment) what do i need?
    PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:24 pm 
Mini Leet

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Nice list, great for referencing.



  Re: Buffing/Twinking bag (abilities+treatment) what do i need?
    PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 4:12 pm 
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Nice work, Navian :D

Also when an org has towers, the leader can put in a Treatment (or/and various abilities) contract(s) to help with twinking.

It's most often the case in AP / GoA, as you all know. :)



  Re: Buffing/Twinking bag (abilities+treatment) what do i need?
    PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:41 pm 

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Ring of Computing (int/psy)

Is also no drop. But if you do the quest in scheol you get a 150 QL one.

great list btw

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  Re: Buffing/Twinking bag (abilities+treatment) what do i need?
    PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:47 pm 
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Advanced Scent Sensor (+22 sense)

LoX QL 250 base NCU's (stam/strength), (agi/sense), (int/psych) 4/4

LoX QL 300 base NCU's all base stats +5

tsakasumi treatment rifle (10 treat, 8 stam)

Yatamuchi rifle (25 agi)

Yutto's infused NCU (QL 160, 900CL req, 5 treat, QL 205= 7 treat, QL 230 = 1200ish req, 8 treat, QL 260=9 treat, QL 280=10 treat

DB NCU's int/psych 6/6, str/sta 6/6, agi/sense 6/6

Dantian belt of life 5 slot, 5 stam

lamnidae gloves (6 stam/str/agi)

Ljotur set (mostly useless, but greaves are best in slot for stam prior to DB covering at 8 stam)

Right brain of cama = +3 melee/phy skills usualy 3 is enough
Left brain of vanya = +3 ranged skills usually 3 is enough

As said before ROC is nodrop, but also it's good to have 2 sets of RoTD's

1 set = QL 196-199 which is top mod for TL5
1 set = QL 280-300 which is top mod for TL7

Miy's you can greatly trim down:
I've only ever used: 2x miy's nano sleeves (11int, 9 psych), miy's chest (str/sta), miy's tank boots (13/13 sta/str), miy's ranged or melee gloves for 13 sense/11 agi, and very very occasionally, miy's pants for agi boost.

Some other stuff thats a bit more expensive, but very useful:

a few pieces of supple armour I have a few random assorted pieces QL 185-215, sleeves, chest, boot which has always helped enable me to get on pistols/weapons

the last thing which is arguably the most important, is, reliable access to an agent for FG/ES/SFA/IC/behe and an NT for NS and, if possible a trader for 131. With an agent/lowby NT and a trader on another account you'll almost never be buff hunting.

Good list!

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  Re: Buffing/Twinking bag (abilities+treatment) what do i need?
    PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2015 10:02 pm 
Mini Leet
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Some items out of this (very old) list might come in handy sometimes.

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  Re: Buffing/Twinking bag (abilities+treatment) what do i need?
    PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2016 2:37 pm 

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As memo, i often use :
- !whatbuffs ability => bot command that shortlists buffing items
- auno search tool => little out-dated but best aodb search options
- ao-u treatment list
- aodb ability list

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