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  Alliance Raids - MUST READ
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    PostPosted: Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:17 pm 

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Hello Fellow APs,

Below is not intended to be a guide for any specific raid, nor is it a comprehensive To-Do list. But it is a small few points that can help to make the alliance raids run smoothly.


Alliance raids are a service/event that run to encourage activity within the alliance, and is a great way to induct newbies on the ins and outs of raids they may not have seen. If you are unfamiliar with the concept then I would encourage you to go to and register so you can sign up to raids, as well you can do !raids within AP bot to see the schedule.

The bot used to raid is called Allianceraid. To join you do /tell allianceraid !join

The raids are put together largely by Chrisax and MOSTLY at the expense of all his health and time. Chris does many other things for the org and clanners, so we must appreciate his efforts and sacrifice. We can do this by making the raids run very smoothly, and if possible by leading some of the raids for him.


Like anything we do in life, the more prepared you are the better it goes. So do a few things

1) set a timer, or calendar note 30 mins before the scheduled raid time. When it goes off, log on, buff up etc and be in the bot, LFT and in the right area to start

2) DO NOT start a farm, raid, daily, mission etc etc within 60 mins of the raid schedule. If your event runs long, you miss the raid

3) during the scheduled time DO NOT start sending tells to chris to make your nano crystal or invite an alt. there are 35 people online, at least 10 of them can help you.

4) MOST IMPORTANT - read the guide on the raid being performed. If you are not familiar then DO YOUR HOMEWORK. You have around 7 days to research the play field or quest and around 60 people in the alliance network to ask for help. DO NOT leave it until the day of the raid to be asking "how do I roll the inf key mission". too late... You signed up a week ago, use those 6 days.

During the raid

By now you have successfully researched the raid, you've shown up on time, joined the bot and you're ready to raid.

The next step is to play as a productive member of the raid force. How? Well, glad you asked.

1) Leave drama at the door. Raids are incredibly tense at stages and when the leader is trying to manage 30 people + his own business there isn't much room for people to be bickering, fighting or complaining in the bot. If you have an issue with another member or the way the raid is going then write it down and AFTER the raid tell an officer (doesn't have to be Chris). Be aware that we run raids weekly and what we do works. It doesn't work when people go off script.

2) Listen, watch, act. Too many times people are asked for buffs, told to stop attacking, etc and they just don't act. Why, why, why. Because they aren't paying attention. So watch the alliance channel. Act when you are told. If the RL says "hold DPS", then guess what you do.... I don't care if you have been playing AO for 10 yrs, you can solo the whole instance and you do 1 billion DPM. If you are told to stop/go/jump/sit then you do it. If you don't like it then you are welcome to RL the next raid.

3) Play you profession. We take all levels (where possible) and all professions. So learn to play yours. Being in Pande as a crat means that you need to debuff things. I don't care if its "not really needed". Do it. Full stop. Engi's run blinds, NTs run NR debuffs, etc etc. You brought your player because you like playing it. So why not do that? Why do you like your trader if you don't bother draining?? This is ESPECIALLY important if you are low level. if you're not contributing to the overall damage much, then at least be active.

4) Be patient. Don't start running ahead, don't start complaining "this is slow". Alliance raids are about getting 1 smooth run from start to finish with minimal drama and deaths. You can imagine if there is a wipe, its considerable for 30 guys to re-rally and re-start. So we aren't trying to win a race. Be aware in ALL CASES the time it takes to rally all of the late comers is LONGER than the actual raid ALWAYS. So if you are on time, the raid will feel short.


I can tell you now that the same bunch of enfs and docs attend almost all of the raids. The more times the raids become tardy, annoying and such then the less of these professions will attend and all of a sudden raids will cease. We've been there and done that.

Secondly, there is mumbling about implementing things like lock-out timers, points etc as a direct consequence to the lack of respect that the raiders have for the service. So do not take these for granted and do your best.

If you are a newbie, fear not. AP is here to help. we have 10 yr vets who have done the content a thousand times. So ask. I know I would rather spend 15 mins explaining things to someone then have to do it during the raid



  Re: Alliance Raids - MUST READ
    PostPosted: Sat Dec 14, 2013 12:08 am 
Big Leet
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=D> Cheers mate



  Re: Alliance Raids - MUST READ
    PostPosted: Sat Dec 14, 2013 2:15 am 
Maxi Leet
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Amazing guide Rojo =D>

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