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  DODGA Quest for great Clans shoulderpads
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    PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 2:09 pm 
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- The Dodga quest is one of the most rewarding quests.

- This quest is in 3 parts, to be accomplished in order, BUT you can wait as long as you want between two parts, especially the time you need to level up.

- Each part has a TIME LIMIT, so it is smarter to prepare a part BEFORE actually taking it from Dodga. More on this in the following sections.

- Part 1 can be done by levels around and above 50, or a team (implies killing level 50 mobs)

- Part 2 can be done by almost any level but FLYING is extremely useful, or running fast (implies spotting some robots then using an item on them)

- Part 3 requires a quite high level or a good team (implies killing all the bots you have spotted in part 2; all are at or above level 130, and the Trash King is a major boss)

- For each part you will earn credits, XP, tokens, and a shoulderpad given at the end of part 1 will beupgraded, giving you some nice modifiers. The pad is no-drop and unique, and will become visible on you once you have accomplished the third part. Details on pads in the following sections.

2-Starting the quest: Where do I find Dodga ?

Dodga Demercel lives near Old Athen in the zone of Aegean (sometimes spelled Aegan), in an outpost called "The Rising Sun"

Get out of OA by the East gate. You are in Wartorn Valley / Junk Yard.

Follow the road to the South East. You will enter the zone "Aegean".

Follow the road again. You will get close to a bit mountain with a huge waterfall. The Rising Sun village is at the top.

The ONLY entrance is the waterfall! Swim it up (you can swim up waterfalls on Rubi-Ka!), or swim it up partially and find a small passage in the rock on your right. If you fly, fly over the waterfall.

Once in the village, Dodga is under a "hut" almost in center.

Dodga disappears each time a quest is given/completed. So you may have to wait for he respawns.

For each part of the quest you'll have to talk to Dodga to get the Dodga's Quest Part, and to talk again to him when you bring back the items he asked for.

DO NOT take a quest before you have prepared it quietly, because each part has a TIME LIMIT !

3-Dodga's Quest Part 1

You have to kill "wild" bots rambling outside cities until you find 8 no-drop items, assemble them, and bring the result to Dodga.

You can collect and assemble the items BEFORE taking the quest from Dodga ! This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! So we'll see the dialogue with Dodga later.

The items to find

1-Suspicious Looking Parts of Biotechnology
2-Scrap of Notum
3-Microscopic Pulsating Nano Crystals
4-Bundle of Nano-Tubes
5-Liquid Based Conductors
6-Large and partly fused lump of strange tetrahedral CPU bundles
7-Ancient Looking Lamp Relay
8-Highly Plastic mother-circuit array

You can of course find them in any order, but you'll assemble them in the order above.

The result

You will obtain :
Suspicious looking polyhedral casing – emitting strange sounds
This is the item to bring to Dodga.

Where do I find bots ?

ANY bots, anywhere, are susceptible to drop those items, even some bots in missions : the best bots for items dropping are mostly all "*lets" robots such as scooplets and shovelets.

Some places are nevertheless better :

-Danger Dunes in Aegean
Coordinates roughly 530x2460
From the East gate of Old Athen, take the NE road, zone, just after zoning, leave the road and go on a small
path leading north that will bring you to Danger Dunes.
-Cobal sands ruins in Athen Shire
This is the place where the Trash King lives. Coordinates roughly 1600x940.
-Bots Moutain in Greater Tir County (not very good)
Coordinates roughly 1540x2170
-If you can fly or enter Omni territory safely: the junkyard in Galway Shire close to rome, North-west. Kill Mechdogs. This is usually an excellent place.

You have to be PATIENT ! It takes many hours to collect all the items, better split this part of the quest over several days.

A word on scooplets and shovelets
They live IN the sand and are not visible. Spot them with the TAB key and attack them blindly. They will pop out of the sand. Beware, they have a social behaviour : if one is attacked, others will react.

Bringing the result to Dodga
Go to the Rising Sun, and talk to Dodga. Your words to Dodga will be roughly the following :

-Have you seen strange things?
-Can I help you?
-I will be vigilant
-I will hunt robots

Dodga will give you the mission (quest). Once you have the mission, open a trade window with Dodga and give him the result of your assembling.

The reward
You will be given :
-Clan Shoulderpads for the Suspicious
-Clan Mission Token
-Clan Bravery Token
-20,000 XP
-20,000 Credits
-Dodga's Card I

When you want to start the second part of the quest, bring the card back to Dodga. DO NOT do it until you are ready !

The Pad adds to you :
max health 75
projectile ac 20
melee ac 20
chemical ac 20
radiation ac 20
cold ac 20
poison ac 20
fire ac 20
first aid 4
max nano 75

4-Dodga's Quest Part 2

To the contrary of parts 1 and 3, this part cannot be accomplished before you ask Dodga for it. But it may be wise to prepare it, by exploring the locations you'll have to go to.

Meet Dodga again and get the part 2 of the quest

Bring Dodga the card he gave you at the end of part 1. Dodga will be happy to meet you again and will give you the second part of the quest, as well as the two following items :

-TK III Decoder
-Transmission Bug (100 charges) (but never unloads in fact)

What you have to do

You must spot and "tag" IN ORDER 9 bot bosses spread on Rubi-Ka.

They are all level 130 (140 for the Trash King), but are not necessarily aggressive (but they can be and they WILL be if you stay too long close to them: a few seconds before attacking, they will warn you saying, more or less, that you bother them). Anyhow, act fast, and run away even faster.

FLYING helps a LOT for this job but you can do without if you're ready to run through all Rubi-Ka!
(Our high levels engineers can also help you by warping you near the bots; in this case we usually do parts 2 and 3 of the quest at the same time: spotting/tagging and then killing; more on killing later)

Practically you have to :
1) Target (select) the bot
2) Wait for the "mission complete" message : in the list of missions, the type have changed from "find person" to "use item on item"
3) Pick up the Transmission Bug from your inventory and right-click with it on the bot
4) Wait for the "mission complete" message : the mission type has changed back to "find person".

If you open the trade window with the boss, beware, you may have to spot the bot again for the mission to be accomplished!

Where do I find the boss bots?

Remember you must do this in the following order!

The Trash King looks like the second bot that engineers can build, but twice bigger.

The other bots look like buckethead techscavengers, but miniature ones.

You will find them ROUGHLY (they move a LOT) :
-Trash King : Athen Shire Cobal Sands ruins
1600 X 950
-Trash king Lackey : Athen Shire (same place as Trash King)
1600 X 950
-Electro Unique : Wailing Wastes (zone The Boka)
600x1950 / 650 X 2000
-Nuts'N'Bolts : Wartorn Valley (outside Old Athen East gate)
700 X 650 / 715 /x665
-Greasy Joints : Newland (NW of the city, near a crashed ship) 900 X 900 / 890x950
-Live Metal : Greater Tir County (Bot Mountain) 1540 X 2170 / 1570x2150
-Best in Brass : Galway Shire (between the outpost and the gates of Rome : BEWARE of Omni guards !)
300 X 840 / 400x750
-Metalomania : Lush Fields, city of Harry's (in the city)
2960 X 3040 / 2950x3120
-Galvino : Greater Omni Forest
2080 X 2180 / 2000x2250

Warning : After you tagged each bot you receive a Clan Bravery Token. Upload it IMMEDIATELY before you go to the next bot ! Tokens are unique and you can only have one at a time in your inventory ! (It seems the Newland bot is bugged and gives no token sometimes)

Advice : some people may camp the bots to kill them for the third part of the quest ! Speak to them and tell them to let you spot and tag the bots firts !

Back to Dodga and the reward

Once all the bots have been tagged, bring the Transmission Bug and TK III Decoder to Dodga. He will give you :

-First Update Syringe
-Clan Mission Token
-40,000 XP
-40,000 Credits
-Dodga's Card II

Apply the syringe to the pad you got at the end of part 1, and you will get :
Clan Shoulderpads for the Learned

When you want to start the third part of the quest, bring the card back to Dodga. DO NOT do it until you are ready !

The Pad adds to you :
max health 100
projectile ac 45
melee ac 45
chemical ac 45
radiation ac 45
cold ac 45
poison ac 45
fire ac 45
first aid 12
max nano 100

5-Dodga's Quest Part 3

Do this part BEFORE you actually take the mission from Dodga !

What you have to do

You must kill the 9 bot bosses you spotted and tagged in part 2.

Usually, this can be done only with the help of a team !

You have NOT to kill them in order.

Each one will drop a no-drop item. When you have them all, you need to assemble the items, in the following order (dropped by / item name) :

-Trash King Communication : Processing Unit Rack with 8 Empty Slots
-Trash King Lacky : Communication Processing Unit ID=TKL
-Electro Unique : Communication Processing Unit ID=EU
-Nuts & Bolts : Communication Processing Unit ID=NB
-Greasy Joints : Communication Processing Unit ID=GJ
-Live Metal : Communication Processing Unit ID=LM
-Best In Brass : Communication Processing Unit ID=BIB
-Metalomania : Communication Processing Unit ID=MM
-Galvano : Communication Processing Unit ID=GV

The result will be :
-Complex Communication Processing Unit

Meet Dodga again and get the part 3 of the quest

Bring Dodga the card he gave you at the end of part 2. Dodga will be happy to meet you again and will give you the third part of the quest.

Once you have it, talk again to Dodga and give him the Complex Communication Processing Unit you just assembled.

The reward

Dodga will give you :

-Second Update Syringe
-Clan Mission Token
-Clan Bravery Token
-120,000 XP :-)
-250,000 Credits :-)

Apply the syringe to the pad you got at the end of part 2, and you will get :
Clan Shoulderpads for the Veracious

The Pad adds to you :
max health 200
projectile ac 100
melee ac 100
chemical ac 100
radiation ac 100
cold ac 100
poison ac 100
fire ac 100
first aid 16
max nano 200


But once you have completed part 3, you can redo part 1 and 2 and get a new Clan Shoulderpads for the Learned.

And so, you can wear finally:
One Clan Shoulderpads for the Veracious
One Clan Shoulderpads for the Learned

For a total of +300 life points and +300 nanopoints, +28 first aid skill, and very decent ACs:)



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