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  Quick question or 2
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    PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 1:40 pm 
Big Leet

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I have been on most days at least for a while in the last week. Biggest issue I have is remembering anything :)

I get quite overwhelmed with the amount of work each character needs done so just a couple of quick questions

- I have a 150 Engi, it is staying there for now and i will get my ai levels up in S10. so what is the best armour i should use? i dont need armour that helps nano at this stage.

- also what is the best Crat armour? mine is 207 and i get confused every time i look at it, i was thinking Officers but really not sure

- are there any easy daillys? I remember BS and S10 daillys but what about other ai dailys and also rubika ones?

The daillys help me integrate back as i figure out what i am doing.

just aheads up, i am either going to make it work thi stime or stop paying each year. Its too much money to never play :)

Thanks in advance, i may have more questions as time goes on:)

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  Re: Quick question or 2
    PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:46 pm 

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I have 244 css on my 150 engie and the Infused Solar-Powered Master Engineer Pistol + Dog of war
but depends how much you wanna twink at 150 and i guess how much creds you wanna spend also :)
Engie ofab gloves add pistol if you need higher ar (fully upgraded) 30 pistol on ql 225

Arete quest will get you alot of ai xp for your crat

Arbiter quest each second week . next week will be pvp mission . lots of xp by doing a duel , 3 bs and kill 5 notum miners.
some of missions from arbiter are level 201+ but there is a drone next to him that give you a instance at your level and do 3 daily . Ai mission dont count or does some of bar keeper missions . I belive its only battlestation that counts as a daily.
There is a lot of xp to get from those missions , espacialy the alien invasion one but its abit long

I think i used 300 css and ofab back on my crat but cant remember 100%

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____

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  Re: Quick question or 2
    PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 7:15 pm 
Strong Leet

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also the dailies in the reck for below 170's

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  Re: Quick question or 2
    PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:10 pm 
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Hello Nic :) Good to see you back. :)

I'm always here, as you can see, but due to serious RL issues, I can't be online expect to do things that require my presence, like changing org contracts or when we started a new way to organize s42 raids. I hope I'll be back for good soon. *crossing fingers*

So... about your questions, in addition to what was already said...

Yes you can have easy dailies (that doesn't necessarily mean fast). You have to experiment though, as not everyone -and not every profession- finds the same mission "easy".

Remember that you can get:
    - PvM dailies from The Agency in OA, regular or (at higher level) elite, from 2 NPCs, right wing and bottom wing, after registering with the Agency clerk (you certainly remember this).

    - Alien dailies from The Agency, from the alien dailies NPC, left wing in The OA Agency

    - PvP dailies (which are not hardcore PvP at all) from the hidden agency in the fake store of Borealis: see here
    Where is / are the Agency / Agencies?

Good old RK missions are also an easy way to practice and re-learn, especially as you can configure them. (Also, if you take the time to loot everything in a team mission you solo and sell it, you get 400+K credits... never bad, in addition to some rare nano or item you can possibly find from machinery or chests, sometimes but very rarely from boss). They are also relatively easy to partially skip.

My advice though would be that you get a money-maker high-level character to support your other and new characters financially (and by getting some items), or you'll run out of money extremely fast. So you should focus on one first, an play the others for a break.

Regarding crat armor, I have no idea of what your gear is at the mement, so it's hard to give some advice but our high crats can inspect you in-game and help.

I would say, though, that getting Ofab is never bad (not always the best but never bad) and financially easier than combined alien armors (and the "nano professions" alien armors have never been fantastic). The issue is that you'll burn Ofab points that you will need to buy 220 Ofba later. "Damage" Alien armor remain the best for your own firepower but a crat relies much more on pets and charmed pets and on nukes and nanos. The first guy who soloed Penumbra catacombs was a crat... ,)

Feel free to ask more specific questions. :)



  Re: Quick question or 2
    PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:24 pm 
Big Leet

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Thanks all, that's great advice:)

I have around 17bn credits so I am ok, when I have logged in over the last 12 months it was just to sell more stuff that my MP made, I have collected most of that money from that :)

I need to decide on a character and play it rather than worry about fixing everything:)

see you in game when I can

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