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  Shade Spirits - A Quick Guide
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    PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2022 11:04 pm 
Big Leet

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Everytime i look at my Shade i get confused about which spirit does what and why - anyway i stole this guide so its alwasy here and acessible

- Essence: Intelligence
- Discerning Weakness: Perception, Multimelee, Sneak Attack, Concealment
- True Seeing: SenseImp, PsyMod, Nano Init, Time&Space, Matter Creation

I'd rate True Seeing as the best normal use one.

- Essence Whispered: Psychic, Intelligence
- Knowledge Whispered: XP%, PsyMod
- Strength Whispered: Perception, Concealment

Knowledge is by far the best one. Buffs our most useful nano skill, and gives added XP.

- Essence: Intelligence, Sense
- Clear Thought: All Nanoskills, Nanopool
- Offence: Melee Energy, Dimach

Clear Thought all the way. Arguably our best spirit.

- Essence: Stamina, Sense, Strength
- Knowledge: MatMet, BioMet, SenseImp, Nano Pool, Nano Init, Max Nano
- Strength: Dimach
- Weakness: Melee Ac, Max Health, Energy AC, Body Development (hp), Projectile AC

Knowledge is a good buffing spirit, while Weakness is a must-have for normal combat use.

Left Arm
- Essence: Strength
- Strength: Brawl, AddAllOff, Piercing, Physical Init
- Understanding: MatMet
- Weakness: Heal Delta, AddAllDef, Radiation AC, Chemical AC

Strength is the better one, but Weakness isn't all that bad if you can't get Strength.

Right Arm
- Essence: Strength
- Strength: Piercing, Physical Init, AddAllOff, Riposte, Parry, Fast Attack
- Weakness: Physical Init, AddAllDef, Riposte, Radiation AC, Parry

Strength is by far the better one. Weakness isn't as strong as its left arm equivalent.

- Essence: Sense, Stamina, Agility
- Knowledge: Nano Cost Modifier, Max Nano, Nano Pool
- Strength: Piercing, Melee Init
- Weakness: Radiation AC, Fire AC, Cold AC, Chemical AC, Projectile AC, Energy AC, Melee AC, Max Health, All Evades (more duck-exp), Body Development

It's pretty obvious who the winner is here. Weakness covers pretty much every AC, gives more health, and on top of that evades! The Essence spirit also buffs 3 abilities, which is nice.

Right Wrist
- Offence: Runspeed, Sneak Attack, MultiMelee, Added Radiation, Poison, Melee, Fire, Energy and Chemical damage per hit
- Weakness: Riposte, Parry, Nano Resist

Offence all the way - Weakness isn't good at all, with Riposte and Parry working the way they do.

Left Wrist
- Defense: Riposte, Parry, Nano Resist
- Strength: Multi Melee, Runspeed, Added Radiation, Poiston, Melee, Fire, Energy and Chemical damage per hit, Melee Energy

Strength all the way. No contest.

- Essence: Agility, Stamina
- Defense: All Evades (less on evade-clsc), Poison AC, Melee AC, Energy AC, Max Health, Heal Delta

Only one non-buffing version here, and it's a pretty good one at that. Defense.

Right Hand
- Defencive: Cold AC, Fire AC
- Strength: Fast Attack, Martial Arts, Added Poison, Melee, Energy and Chemical damage per hit
- Insight: Time & Space, Matter Creation

Strength all the way.

Left Hand
- Defence: Fire AC, Cold AC
- Strength: Fast Attack, Martial Arts

The left hand is pretty bad compared to the others. Strength seems to be the better here if your weapon uses Fast Attack.

- Defense: All Evades, Heal Delta, Agility, Add All Def
- Strength: Sneak Attack, Physical Init, Concealment, Melee Init, Martial Arts, Add All Off

It's a toss up on this one. Personally, I think they both have their strong points, but I would go with the Defense one. Defense is also one of the few non-Essence type spirits to buff an ability.

In short, the best all around normal use spirits:

    - Eye: Spirit of True Seeing
    - Ear: Spirit of Knowledge Whispered
    - Head: Spirit of Clear Thought
    - Chest: Heart Spirit of Weakness
    - Left Arm: Left Limb Spirit of Strength
    - Right Arm: Right Limb Spirit of Strength
    - Waist: Midriff Spirit of Weakness
    - Right Wrist: Spirit of Right Wrist Offence
    - Left Wrist: Spirit of Left Wrist Strength
    - Legs: Spirit of Defense
    - Right Hand: Right Hand Strength Spirit
    - Left Hand: Left Hand spirit of Strength
    - Feet: Spirit of Strength / Spirit of Defense

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  Re: Shade Spirits - A Quick Guide
    PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2022 12:12 pm 
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Thanks a lot, Nic. =D> Spirits names are confusing and having such a clear guide is just great.

I helped by adding some typographic formatting to your post. :)

The way spirits are named reminds me of how clusters were named at the beginning of AO.

Off topic, who will guess what were (without looking at a database):

Cluster of Severing

Cluster of Akimbo

Cluster of E=mc²

Cluster of Bludgeoning

Cluster of Polymorphing

Cluster of Forcefield Knowledge

among many others ?



  Re: Shade Spirits - A Quick Guide
    PostPosted: Sun Sep 11, 2022 3:03 pm 
Big Leet

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Thanks Chris

I am not sure i remember those cluster names, something rings a bell but.... :)

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