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  109 Engi War build
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    PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:58 am 
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This engineer setup is certainly not a "standalone" type of build.

I would reckon that most "PVP" type engineer setups would generally be built around the unionist arbalest, with IP being as tight as a fishes asshole, and only JUST being able to pop out a slayer - possibly only able to pop a slayer with a wrangle.

That simply wasn't what I was looking for with this build. Instead, my primary considerations for this build was utility, utility, utility.

That means the MAIN objectives of this engineer build are:

1. high runspeed (fgrid, fly/run to location)
2. be able to cast team beacon warp even while rezzing
3. have decently high nanoskills to never have a problem with pets going OE, casting NSD
4. have the nanoskills to be able to alt tab and cast EP (it needs to be refreshed a lot at 45m duration)
5. have a decent chance to dodge an attack

Now, you can't really not EVER have a problem keeping pets out of OE or casting something, but you can do a decent enough job preparing yourself so it's a less frequent occurrence.

Since this engi will always be teamed with a crat, It's going to have a pretty decent AAD base from which to work, so here's a setup that utilizes these evades pretty decently.

As well, this toon was built with the main objective of the box build in general which is DPSing. I considered trying to stick on a MBC but my calculations came up 100 points short.

Now, this setup has a few peculiarities. I wasn't interested in spending a lot of cash building this box. So you just have to look around a bit to figure out what the prices are on this stuff, but basically the 6 pieces of CS can be built for well under 200m, you can get 2 sets of basic fashion for 50m, then arith +observant are about 10m each, less if you hunt. The only tricky part was getting the EOE but even that wasn't bad.

this setup with the keeper gets to around 400 points add dmg which starts to make a pretty significant difference to your damage. level 100 the first dog becomes available, and buffed properly the top slayer+dog will crank damage pretty well.

Now... the kicker. this toon has medallion, and you can perk most towers with it which gives you 23s of unfettered access to flat out crit city for your whole attacking force. The MP's with demons the crat, keeper with a critmonster sword, 23s damage spike could be enough to take out a CT in that time if you've already got your damage procs rolling. Note that sometimes you can't perk a tower... but MC vs NR means you need 1. high MC, 2. crat+keeper buffing AAO 3. a solder sometimes helps to do FAT on you, and of course, eye of predator will help a lot, all of those can boost your MC check to nearly 1500 which is easily enough to perk even up to 150ish CT's.

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