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  Anarchy Online 18th Anniversary Celebration
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    PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 6:25 am 
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Anarchy Online 18th Anniversary Celebration


Hark! On this grand occasion, Anarchy Online celebrates 18 whole years of service! We still stand proudly as one of the few games able to proclaim such, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this possible.

So hey, let’s party! Beginning June 18th through July 9th, Ganimedes Personal Jetpack & Nano Crystal (Balloons) are available in the shop, and subscribers can also log in to pick up a Ganimedes Personal Jetpack MK II!

Now, a few scant months ago we launched Rubi-ka 2019, our take on a fresh start that began with level caps and no expansions. The response from RK19 has been nothing short of incredible and we’re happy to bring the level cap up to 200 and unleash Shadowlands during the anniversary! Level 200 on RK19 happens on June 26th, and Shadowlands opens the following day, on the 27th!

Players on RK19 also have access to special daily login rewards, exclusive to the anniversary event - including special vanity gear on day 14!

Out in Newland, an old foe returns from exile - Loren Warr! She’s back, and she’s pissed. Ms. Warr may be found in the outskirts of Newland and will provide a challenge for anyone who dares take her on! Defeating Warr may net you some unique lewt, so get out there and thwart her attempts at revenge!


The Tinker returns to Newland Desert, ready to make things come up explodey for her favorite foe, The Desert Rider! Join her in her madness and eliminate Desert Nomads to find parts for the many gifts she wants to make. The Desert Nomads will be located in Newland Desert, Mort, Perpetual Wastelands and Broken Shores.


Upon defeating the Desert Rider, a personal teleport beacon will be left behind. It will not have much energy remaining, so access it before it deactivates to gain access to a hidden Desert Nomad fortification. This initial incursion into a Desert Nomad outpost will be a single-person encounter that will scale to players of all levels. Desert Nomads encountered here will offer unique rewards, with the Officers being able to drop pieces of the Elite Desert Nomad armor.

The Tinker will reward you for your efforts, especially if you walk the extra mile to get her the items she needs! "Vacuum Packed Desert Nomad Armor" await you if you assist her in collecting 250 items. She will complete a gift with 500 items this year!

When defeating a Desert Rider, all you need to do is approach the large present that is left behind, and claim a prize from the Desert Rider's personal stash!

Finally, the SBC-Xpm Sites once again feature a cadre of Desert Nomad Commandos, tasked with protecting additional rewards from the Desert Rider's private storage.

Thank you all once more for yet another incredible year of Anarchy Online. Let’s buckle up and orbit Sol once more; we’ll see you on Rubi-Ka!

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