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checking in

Post by Ustarlen »

Hey Paladins

How are you all doing? It's been awhile and sorry for that but often wonder how the org is getting on in these dark days. It is a little brighter here in New Zealand - high summer and no Covid. Life is pretty much normal except for the fact it's tough to leave the country and get back in without booking a quarantine bed months in advance. You also have to pay for the privilege as Cherib will know. So hope Chris and Stok, all generals, officers and the troops are all good. A quick scan of the forums seems to indicate all is as it ever was with AP, which is very good - still strong and still out there. Half thinking I might go through re-install hell, and come back to try and remember which buttons to press. So, take care you lot and thinking of AP.

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Re: checking in

Post by bonniedoom »

Heya Usta good to hear from you. We are doing well here on RK but would love if you would come back!! You was always one of my favorites.
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Re: checking in

Post by Chrisax »

Hi Ustar :D It's good to hear from you, and also to know all is almost well in NZ for you!

And, yes, AP is very well, very active with lots online, and AO is in even better shape than when you left. We even got new content with several high-end dungeons / instances! And two more are in the pipe.

Plus, if you didn't see, we have old-timers back like Fuze and Wap to just name two.

But one thing is missing; YOU! :luv:
I might go through re-install hell, and come back to try and remember which buttons to press.
DO THAT! :twisted:
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Re: checking in

Post by stokken »

Stop fooling around with the sheep and get back in game Usta :D
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Re: checking in

Post by ap_codemancrat »

Yeah Usta. Drag ure sr..... ass back into game :-D
We miss ya.
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