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  Application for Funballs
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    PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:04 pm 
Baby Leet

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Hello my name is Funballs and I would like to join Athen Paladins. I played AO for 2 years straight between asheron's call and Wow.

I really have fun in AO and have returned because i'm lacking any game that is actually fun. I'm a Paid account, my character funballs (level 114 MP) is currently in Rubi-Ka Marines but there is a lack of any players under 220. I'm hoping to join a larger org (from 6pm to 10pm CST (-6 gmt) there is an average of 7 people on and i'm one of them)).

I was hoping to team up and do a LE alien mission and when they offered me a team it was with a 220 and would not work due to level differences, there solution was to tell me to go sit on Ely hill and get leveled while doing nothing. Personally i'm against that type of play as its not for me to take a free ride to high level plus it would be boring.

My time zone is US CST or -6 GMT I am usually online MWF from 6pm to 10 or 10:30 pm CST and weekends pretty much non stop. I've seen your hangout at the OA grid and think a couple of your members gave me buffs when I asked in Clan OOC for them. (offered a tip for the wrangle but he refused and said he didn't need it)

I read your code of conduct and Chat info and agree to it. I'm 42 years old single guy that just does his IT job for a John Deere dealer during the day and playing AO during the evening.

NO omni characters or neuters are on my account I was always clan and will always be clan :)

Funballs - Level 114 MP
Fixmey - level 60 fixer
Dahkeep - level 40 Keeper
Geengin - Level 20 Engineer

Thank You for your consideration


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  Re: Application for Funballs
    PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:44 am 
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Hi Funballs :)

Welcome back to AO :) We are always happy to see old players coming back and enjoy the unique game-play of Anarchy Online.

We are indeed very active. Still, to be honest with you, your time zone is not the ideal one, in any org, to get easily teams at your level. This is, for a part, due to the fact that people now level pretty fast, even without the "kite hill" (and we appreciate you want to do things another way! :))

But we offer anyhow raids as soon a level 125 (Inner Sanctum) and Mercenaries (level 175ish), before you can enter the alien raid zones (180 but don't expect to be very useful at that level). In general, always feel free to say you need a raid or a run somewhere. We'll manage to help, but it may not be immediate as we have various schedules. (Posting on forums is a good way to assure your needs will be visible, in addition to just asking on org chat.)

Also, our Alliance with many other orgs can make easier to find specific groups.

That said, thanks for reading and agreeing on our Code of Conduct and org chat recommendations.

Your next step is to join our guest channel on our org bot so we can meet/team online. Any AP member can invite you to guest chat. It does not have to be an officer.
You can usually find AP members at the big Vanguards building ramp near OA grid terminal.
If you can’t find a member you can self invite by typing /tell Bobsan !join
This is a temporary invite, so you'll have to do it each time you want to be on guest chat.

Once on guest chat, feel free to ask for an officer and introduce yourself, and also ask for help with any questions you may have about your application.

At some point soon, after you've spent some time with us, an officer will contact you for a brief interview. As our officers can be busy with raids and other duties, it may take a moment to contact you. Always feel free to tell an officer that you are there.

Some of the officers you can contact for help with questions or concerns are:

Bitnykk / Enginyk / Healnyk / Kynecrat GMT +2
Cherib / Jacythna / Officegrrl GMT +12
Namisan / Merques / Namizo / Vampyren GMT + 1
Chrisax (President and org Founder) GMT
Codeish / Codemanforce / Shacode GMT+1
Crazi / Crazidoctor / Epok / Hornblower / Stokken (General) GMT +1
Bonniedoom / Betadoom / Amagosa / Whapperz (General) GMT -5
Falcondoct/ Falconcrat /Falconsold / Falconenf GMT -5
Ustarlen (RK5 & RK6)/ Bellorum / Zanda (General) GMT+12
Boomer / Bloodstripe / Iwojima / Shelbycobra (General Human Resources) GMT -6
Gsxdsm / Oweo / Dbldeez / Evopwned / Skurappy / Anothaone GMT -5
Jetson / Noobasdoc / Noobastank (General) GMT +10
Carequinha /Toughcrat / Toughenf / Reapermann (General) (in memoriam beloved Paladin and Officer)

For time zones referred to above please see: ... _main.html

See you soon on RK! :)



  Re: Application for Funballs
    PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:07 pm 
Baby Leet

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Joined: Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:47 pm
Thank you for the reply. I joined the bobsan channel last night and talked a little bit mainly I had a question or 2 and it was quickly covered. Much appreciated. It was nice to see some activity while I played last night in the channel.

I look forward to talking and getting to know everyone and maybe getting a invite to join.

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