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  Application: Xylvana
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    PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2023 11:58 am 
Baby Leet

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I was already invited but didn't have access to the forums at the time. Not sure if an application is required at this point but I can at least share some details about me.

I have been playing AO since July 2002 (had to look this up), created my first character which was a doc. This being my first MMO, it was such an interesting and fun (and painful) experience.. so many visits to the reclaim! Anyone else remember no xp pool? lol

Back then I was in an org called Dark Crusaders. I made several friends from there that I still keep in touch with. Played AO until World of Warcraft was released and most of my in game friends moved there. But AO always held a special place, and I would end up coming back every few years.

My last return was around the time RK2019 server came out, regular Rk felt a bit more quiet as everyone was playing in the new server. At the time, I was with Valheru Ascendants but my stay was very short and ended up taking another multi year break.

About a month ago I started to get that itch again and here I am :)

My play style is mostly solo. I work from home and married so life tends to keep me busy, solo play works since I can "pause" at any time. But do enjoy playing with others when there is time. Last night was a lot of fun, being able to join you all on some alien killin action. Thank you for having me and helping me find my way around.

Here is a list of characters I'm mostly active with:
Kiltara (205 doc, yes this is my first doc and still not 220!)
Xyvious-1 (174 mp)
Veehste (205 adv)
Kyrox (53 enf)
Overlord (134 crat, my pets name is Sebas Tien..any anime fans? :)
Kovox (152 nt)
Andronika-1 (211 engi)
Viperbarrage (220 soldier, mostly afk)
Virz-1 (178 shade)
Viperspeed (163 fixer)
Xyvious (173 keeper)
Xylvana (212 agent, current "main")
Dyvest (220 trader)

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  Re: Application: Xylvana
    PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2023 8:37 pm 
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Hi Xyl

Yes you are and Chris sorted your access to the Forums so all is in order.

Welcome again to AP


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  Re: Application: Xylvana
    PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2023 2:48 pm 
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Hi Xylvana! :D It's great you posted here although you were already invited. It shows you want to keep things clear and "by the book". Thanks a lot for that.

Nanomace actually posted for the attention of officers the interview he had with you. And we proceeded with your application, the vote, and finally your invite while I was fixing your account activation.

So all is perfectly well! Welcome in AP! :)



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