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Welcome to Athen Paladins forums :)
Recruitment is open


This is our 15th year !
Athen Paladins was founded on June 19, 2003 by old-timers, some in AO since the beta.

We are one of the oldest organizations still active, and one of the top organizations, all servers put together.
You can see us on

We are a respected, large (2100+ characters, and 235+ in GoA), old, and friendly group, working like a family regardless of our size.

We are proud of our reputation of fair, honest, and helpful people.

We are an international organization, with members from many countries and time zones.

We host several bots and web sites for the AO Community (including RK2 war bots).

We also created and are hosting the world-design bug database system for AO Developers, mentioned several times by the Devs themselves on AO forums, like here and also here

We are also happy and proud to see members who left AO coming back after years to be with us again, and staying in contact with us on our forums forever. We are family.


We work and help each other to be always better: we have many "elite" players but but we don't like elitism. Everyone has a chance; everyone can progress with us.

We raid, we team, we help with twinking and equipment, we explain and we teach. :)

We can get most loot with org raids and org teams.

We offer 2 cities QL300 fully featured, and a neutral farming org with city.

We have org banks with most buff items to help with twinking.

We welcome all kinds of gameplay, PvM and PvP as well. Newcomers and free players are always welcome, as long as they are ready to learn and improve themselves in a friendly environment.

We do one scheduled raid per day, on average, and of course we also have several teams and non-scheduled activities.

Our scheduled raids over the last month of 2012, for example:

We are also a proud part of The Alliance, a group of 12 respected and strong organizations, sharing a bot network.


We want to remain a family with happy members, and we welcome nice, friendly and mature people. “Mature” doesn’t mean “old” but simply that AP members don't act in a childish way.

We don’t want selfish, rude, arrogant, contemptuous, impatient, or greedy people. We want people who will respect and help each other.
We want not only to be stronger together but also to be happier together!

If you want to join an org in the only purpose of getting “phat” loot, or big org advantages, then AP is definitely NOT for you.

If you cause or like drama, disputes, conflicts, if you spoil the fun of people inside or outside the org by any unfair behavior, then AP is definitely NOT for you.

Having the expansion packs (SL, AI, LE, LoX,…) is NOT mandatory to join AP. You can join with a free, basic, account. (Of course, you’ll miss a part of the fun without expansions.)


1) Contact us
      - Register on our forums here here
      and then post ("New topic" button) in this forum HERE

      Tell us a little bit about you (new player, old player, returning to AO, etc.)
      Don't forget to indicate the name of your character(s)! Also tell us at what times you are online.


      - Contact us in AO (feel free to send several messages, it's easy to be busy and miss a tell)

          Some names, among many, to contact:
          Bellatrix / Carpdiem / Furymaster (General) GMT
          Bellorum / Ustarlen / Zanda (General) GMT +12
          Carequinha /Toughcrat / Toughen / Reapermann (General) GMT -6
          Cherib / Jacythna / Officegrrl GMT +12
          Chrisax (President and org Founder) GMT
          Codeish / Codemanforce / Shacode GMT+1
          Cratstorm / Drthunder / Masirxu / Stormeta /Stormforcer GMT
          Crazi / Crazidoctor / Crazigank / Forsikring / Galehus / Stokken (General) GMT +1
          Dedicated / Lendahand / Hammured / Shartris
          Wiisper / Elisiss / Wiinurse / Ziiah GMT -5
          Jetson / Noobasdoc / Noobastank (General) GMT +10
          Malosar / Malorawr / Malomech GMT -5

2) Read our Code of Conduct and rules (links below); during a chat with an officer, you'll be asked if you have questions about them and if you accept them

3) You'll have a short chat with an officer (sometimes you may be asked to team with us once) and the decision about your application will be taken quickly after this

(When we really know well a person in AO, or in real life, the recruitment can be faster.)


Code of Conduct

Org chat recommendations, and attitude on chat


"Friendship through all trials, Honor and Loyalty above all else.
Every day they embark on a new adventure, may the fates shine upon them"






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