Where are the other rules gone?! (Loot, PvP, etc)

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Where are the other rules gone?! (Loot, PvP, etc)

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They needed a serious revamping due to their age!

So they have been removed for a little while, as we are remaking and rewording them.
  • In the meantime, please remember:

    - Need before Greed, always

    - Be fair and nice with each other, as you would like others to be with you.

    - If you won loot together (in a team, for example), share fairly. If you see loot, share the money in a way or another.

    - Don't do anything that could tarnish AP's reputation.

    - If an AP member starts a raid:
    • - if nothing is said about loot BEFORE the raid, everything is flat rolled between raiders (it's the "default" raid setting)

      - if something special has to be done about the loot, then it must be explained BEFORE the raid so everyone can agree on it or not participate (or it can always be re-discussed); in this case, the principle everyone agrees on applies for the loot.

      - someone joining the raid while it's already running should be informed of what will be done with the loot.

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