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  Effect of Soothing Spirits perk on pets healing capacity
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    PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 3:16 pm 
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Edit: two important specials (self and team nano recharge and heal, up to 1300 nano and 1300 heals) have been added long after this post was written for AO forums in November 2003
( ... p?t=181137 ).

The MP perk "Soothing Spirits" is very poorly explained in the in-game perks windows, although it is an essential perk for metaphysicists.

This perk has a double effect:

- A minor one on the MP himself: it increases life points by a very little amount, and nanopoints (NP by a little amount)

- A major effect on the HEALER pet who becomes able to heal more damage with each heal. (This effect is automatic on the pet.)

This perk line includes 10 perks, the first one being available at level 30, while the last one is available only at Shadowlands level 3. Unfortunately not all perks of this line improve the healing capabilities, and some perks are even pretty useless and should not be researched for themselves (more on that later).

In fact, once the MP has chosen a perk, the healer will cast a new, better, heal nano instead of his old one.

The new nanos have the same name as the original one, followed by a arbitrary number corresponding to the perk chosen (this number has no meaning in itself):
720 for perk 1
722 for perk 3
724 for perk 5
726 for perk 7
728 for perk 9
729 for perk 10

For example:
"Belamorte's Blessing" is the normal nano Belamorte casts when healing
"Belamorte's Blessing – 720" is the name of the nano Bela casts once perk 1 has been chosen
"Belamorte's Blessing – 722" for perk 3
"Belamorte's Blessing – 724" for perk 5
"Belamorte's Blessing – 726" for perk 7
"Belamorte's Blessing – 728" for perk 9
"Belamorte's Blessing – 729" for perk 10

Here are the effects of the perks:

HTML version: ... ffects.htm


1) You will note that perks 2, 4, 6, 8 do not improve the healing nanos of the pet.

2) The perks do NOT make the healer heal you faster. The "attack" time and the recharge time of healing nanos remain the same:

                   AT (s)      RT (s)
Mortificant         3           4.5
Belamorte           3.2         5
Curatem             3.5         5
The Vivificator     4.2         5
Restite             4.4         5
Valentyia           4.75        5
Sanoo               4.6         5
Salvinous           5.1         5
Medinos             5.5         5

Note that a faster healing could have been a more significant improvement, especially when facing several mobs at the same time, and thus being hit at a high rate.

3) Also, and in general (Rubi-Ka and SL) the problems related to pets behaviour (pathing, pet "on strike" syndrome, latency, etc) should be really taken in consideration when calculating if the healing capacity of a pet is "fair" and "balanced" or not! Currently it seems they are not. For example, if you have to move away a bit, the healer does not follow you very well and this means you lose easily one or two heals.

4) Of course, if you are able to use a high level perk, there is no reason to use it with a low level pet (for example perk 7 with Medinos). On the other hand, if you have a high level pet and can only use a very low perk, this means that either something is wrong with the building of your character or that you have made very unusual choices.



    PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 3:41 pm 
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What chris didnt say above is he is the one who initially wrote this post which is now a sticky for all mp's to see!

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  Re: Effect of Soothing Spirits perk on pets healing capacity
    PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2018 11:29 am 
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Bump... many people do'nt know



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