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  World of Tanks
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    PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 4:34 pm 
Strong Leet

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I would imagine that you've already heard of this game, for those who haven't, it's basically a PvP FP Shooter using tank skins, using mostly tanks from the very early days (Renault FT17 & various "Christie" tanks used by the Soviets in the '20s) up to the 1950s (Pattons, T-54s, Centurions & Conqueror).

All of my favourites are in there, Tiger, King Tiger, Jagdtiger, Centurion & T-54, and more are being added to nation trees as patches go by.
Currently there are tank trees for US, UK, France, Germany, USSR, China & Japan, although some trees have considerably fewer tanks than others.

I wondered if any Paladins are playing WoT at the moment, and if unclanned they would be most welcome to join the clan I command: "The Undecypherables" (bit of a work in-joke there) :)

My player name is Frostilicus, so give me a shout if you are dabbling in WoT and we could join forces!

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  Re: World of Tanks
    PostPosted: Tue Apr 28, 2015 12:47 pm 
The Boom
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Yes I play it and In my right mind would never or can't refer any Paladin to it.

My job as Director General of HR is to look after all our members regardless of where they are in life whether it be online gaming or just taking a break.

My reasons are as follows: has extremely poor customer support, customer relations, and If you ever have a problem with your account like you no longer use the email you made your account with, you're pretty much screwed. There are no active GM's in game and their way of support involves a submission of a ticket that can take weeks to get a response from.

The Management has on several occasions blamed the lack of success for World of Warplanes and the Match Maker in World of Tanks on the customers. Not that they make crap products, it's the players fault why World of Warplanes sucks, and the match maker doesn't work because players are playing the wrong class. They market it as free to play, however it is free to play, it is also pay to win.

No moderation at all in the games chat during battles. You can get cussed up one side and down the other and there is nobody that you can contact that will actually ban or discipline another player for any type of slanderous comment made to you. Any player can say anything from pedophilia remarks to insults against someone's culture and creed. This is not a situation I would want to place any Paladin in because we live and die by our code.

The lack of player on player support is sub par. If you play best bet is to know what you're doing before you start the game because the game's clans are restricted to 100 members max. If you have the "stats" to get into a clan that has players that are great to unicum, chances are you don't need help to get better anyway. And the other clans generally do not have players that are experienced enough or patient enough to take a new player, or a player that can be good and work with him till he is the best he can be. Like in Athen Paladins, we are the best, period. We have the members and leadership to take any player, from any country, and teach them how to play the game, what it takes to be successful, watch them become great and become leaders of men themselves. Also while at the same time be the most feared and respected Org in the games we play. Whether it is because of our sheer over whelming numbers, our infinite supply of knowledge and determination, or plain fear of total annihilation. We still have a smile on our face at the end of the day because we have been here in MMO's for 14 years all due to our Code and the best members ever to play in online gaming.

What I can say about Wargaming that I like is that they seem to have employed people from other countries besides where they are based from Cyprus. The have several divisions in the U.S. with the main office being in Emeryville California. Having created jobs in America is a bonus for any company in my book. It is too bad that Wargaming America has to report to Cyprus, because they are the only division that has attempted to do well to their customers.

I can't stop any Paladin from playing a product from Wargaming but I can tell them about what to expect if they do. As well as products made by other companies.

My message to Wargaming is: If your company wants The Boom's stamp of approval you need to step up your game! Fix your games first and knock off your little rants about the players being the problem. Get some active GM's that can monitor battle chat. Hire some more people you cheap pricks! Lower the prices in your premium shop, because the crap is fake anyway! Lower match maker to only +/- 1 tier. And above all don't take your customers for granted, they made you, they can break you.

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  Re: World of Tanks
    PostPosted: Tue Apr 28, 2015 7:20 pm 
Strong Leet

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Not going to defend WoT or disagree with your findings, to an extent I have found similar things in the last 4 years of playing.

However - I was inviting people to join my clan, just as a social thing really, not intending to go out and smash the elite guys :) my clan is about 10 strong (!) real-life friends and I was merely extending an invite to anyone from AO if they happened to fancy giving WoT a spin.

The battle chat can certainly be offensive, although now that players can be reported or chat can be disabled there are more options than before - given the many thousands of battles that run at any one time I don't think I'd want to be moderator for battle chat!!! :)

I also used to play Warthunder, but that's even worse than WoT in my book :D

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