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  Raising treatment for Froobs accounts (and basics for others
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    PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 2:54 pm 
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You need a certain level of treatment skill to install implants.
(Once they are installed, it does not matter if your treatment skill drops down dramatically).

You can do the following :

- Use the clinic in stores : +100 treatment

- use the general nano treatment expertise : +20
(available in the general nanos machine ; also available a (lower) treatment proficiency nano that does not stack up with expertise)

- use a set (or parts) of a medic suit : +78 for the full set
(male/female shirt, gloves, boots, sleevesx2, pants/skirt)
(Ask for help from the org; we have those suits)

- ask a doctor for a buff : +35 or +80 depending on the level of the doc
(these buffs DO stack with expertise buff, but not with each other)

- assuming you can wear it, a Biomech helm will increase your treatment skill by some points (+6 around ql 100 for the helm). (Ask for help from the org; we have those helms)

- same for a Biomech cloak you can wear on your back over the med suit.

- a treatment library can increase you treatment too (about +11 at ql 110): this item is created from a portable surgery clinic sold in stores or found in missions. Making it requires some break and entry skills and some engineering skills. We have the persons able to do that. Note that wearing this item requires a few skills.

- you can also buff the abilities treatment skill is based upon (intelligence, sense, agility) and gain a few points like that

- some not-so-common items may be found that increase treatment: the most know is the "quartz gun"
OT-Windchaser M06 Quartz
We usally have some available in the org.

- it is also possible to make temporary implants increasing your treatment, and allowing you to install better implants into the other slots. This is a bit tricky. But several of us know how to do and can help you.

So the best you can do is (without rare items or library or biomech helm, or implants) :

clinic + expertise + medic full set + best doc buff =

100+20+78+80 = +278 treatment + a few points from abilities buffs

With some of the others elements, and depending on your existing skills, you can raise this result to 350 or even more.



    PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 7:41 pm 
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Addition: Use ql200 Biomech boots instead of Med-suit boots if you can: medsuit adds 6 treatment, ql200 biomech adds 10 :D

EDIT: Also, there is a doc only library: Treatment and Pharmacy Library, and a fixer-only (well, fixers are only ones allowed to wear :) ) Implant Disassembly Clinic

See here on how to make treatment libraries, doc and normal one :D , and here for the fixer only one :)

Yet another edit: Standard Medical Epaulet is a nifty doc-item too, adds about 6 to treatment, drops from George the reet at 3200x2300 in Greater Tir County. See here for the full guide :)


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